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Paint Protection Films are designed to withstand years of stone chipping, weathering, and impacts, forming a paint shield for your vehicle. Remaining optically clear year after year they will maintain that “out of the showroom” finish of your paintwork. These films have self healing properties meaning the advanced clear coat eliminates swirl marks and other fine scratches over time.

Car protection is supplied and installed at our Newcastle installation centre & Motorcycle kits are available for DIY or professional installation. Alternatively raw material can be purchased from the roll to cover custom areas. Fork legs, door sills or even your mobile phone.


Having been protected with a Paint Protection Film, this BMW 5 series had a collision with a garage wall at approximately 8mph. The film was stripped away to reveal clean undamaged paintwork underneath. New film was then installed and the car looked as good as it did before it left the showroom.

The film saved the bumper having to be resprayed and maintained the resale value of the car.

We think you’ll agree that this is the ultimate illustration of the protection that this product provides.

Our Paint protection films offer a 5 year limited warranty against peeling, cracking and yellowing.