Paint protection film – FAQ


What will Paint Protection Film do for me?

Paint Protection Film is exactly that. The film is applied to a vehicles high impact areas such as front bumper & bonnet to stop damage to your paintwork from flying stones. In turn this will maintain your vehicle’s resale value due to reduced damage

Can you see the film once applied?

The film is optically clear so once applied it is virtually invisible. However, where the film ends the edge will be visible. The aim is to have the edges hidden from sight or lining up with contour lines on the vehicle.

Can the film be removed?

Yes. If the film is damaged or you want to sell the vehicle without the film, the film can be removed.
Assuming that the paintwork is fully cured and of good quality there will be no paintwork damage either.

Will the paint fade differently where the film is?

3M VentureShield does not have any UV protection so if the film is removed there will be no fading differential between the protected area and the non-protected area.

Do I have to have the full kit?

You can have as much or as little protected as you wish. We would recommend the standard kits as the minimum protection level as these are designed to cover the areas which are most likely to be damaged.

Does the film come with a warranty?

Yes. The film is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty against peeling, cracking and yellowing for 5 years.
We cannot however guarantee against stonechips as we don’t know the speed and size of objects that may impact on the surface. We can only say that it will vastly reduce the damage that would otherwise occur.

Can I still polish my vehicle?

We recommend that the film is treated as the paintwork is. Washed using a vehicle shampoo, polished and waxed. This will help road and environmental debris from bonding into the film and make it easier to keep clean.

What if the film gets damaged.

The Film is there to take damage that would otherwise happen to your paintwork.
The film may get damaged by scuffing the bumper on a post or garage wall, caught with a boot while getting on a motorbike or the inevitable big stone.
If this happens, we can strip the damaged section off the vehicle and replace that section.


Our films do not have UV protection so if the film is removed there should be no fading differential between the protected area and the non-protected area.  However, the paintwork that is protected will remain in the condition that it was in when the film was applied and the exposed paintwork may be prone to swirl marks and other damage meaning a possible differential in paintwork quality.